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The Company , as well as contracting services of parts and product manufacturing, to the plan and planning of your request "form", and up to a further "product", at the Company 's design routine , design,ptoduct design,prottyping and mold-and manufacturing, assembly, and inspection, we will undertake a consistent.
'manufacturing" work until the finished product. By requires only arrangements in our company (one stpo service), there is a cost advantage on the delivery. Metal in-house equipment,plasitic,can be production and processing to rubber. Also mold we perform the processing company. Stable quality,delivery time,we should satisfy our sure the needs of our customers.

Metal Sheets Processing

From agood quality is good equipment,good facilities are grown engineeers who.The world's largest industrial laster transmitter manufacturer disk laser welding system can also be corresponding to the highly reflective meterrial or dissimilar materials and next-generation new material.


Press-Cut  Sewing

Press cut packing as such as
communication equipment parts and electronic equipment components and semiconductor measurement parts, we use our in the gasket. Welder processing, so seamless excellent air tightness and waterproof, it specializes in three dimensional object, such as a special work clothes.


Plastic Molding

We are not only a general-purpose resin, efforts to the needs by taking advantage of its features to engineering plastics and the latest special resin, has been challenged to work harder through the organic ties. 


Rubber Molding

And mold~blending~kneading~
molding finish integrated system  will solve the complex problems of the customer. Baking molding You are good to, especially metal or plastic.


Mold Building

It is a feature  of making a long -term stable mold. And the ideal of the customer to reality. Also supoport to the forming repair of the old mold.


Assembly Line

Such as medical elctronics and science equipment and assembly  and measurement. those parts are assembled while rubbing the company processed products. To ensure high quality. Inaddition to measurement and management of parts and finished goods has been fully vigilant.


Telecommunication Insuturuments

VHF,including the development of various types of antenna to reach the microwave from, lot, also efforts to M2M, cooperation assist customers in realizing the one-stop service quick delivery and low cost with each business.


Hollow fiber membrane

Fluorine type PFA hollow fiber membrane has a solvent resistance, it is used in deaeration semiconductor manufacturing equipment or the like required of dissolved gas.


One-Stop Service

We are metal processing,plastic molding,rubbermolding,you van allproduction in-house.Further mold building, you can at all until the assembled company only.